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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My current favorite tweets from Twitter --

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From Ana Marie Cox on Twitter -- Very much like you see on TV, she is prolific, brightly funny, part of the Washington "in" crowd. She often has the ability to make me laugh out loud with her outrageousness. She is a generous tweeter, often crediting others.

"BLUTH ATTIC ALERT! RT @thenote: priceless image: Cheney has fake Cabinet meetings with grandkids' stuffed animals" (4/22/09).

"RT @mikemadden: I'd forgotten how brilliantly Orwellian "Terrorist Surveillance Program" was until watching Cheney say it over and over." - (4/21/09)

From Chris Cillizza's The Fix at The WaPo on Twitter --
Also very much like he is on TV, Chris is very much in the news mix. In fact, Andrea Mitchell reported that it was he who broke the Arlen Specter story. Bright and a bit quirky, he's worth following.

"White House Cheat Sheet: Obama Beloved, Policies Be-Liked" - (4/30/09).

"100 Day Winners and Losers" - (4/29/09).

"Since his party switch today, Arlen Specter has seen his pollster (Glen Bolger) and his finance director (Louisa Boyd) resign" - (4/28/09).

"awesome new nugget from Kos/Research 2000 poll: 48% of Texas Repubs favor secession!" - (4/23/09).

"White House Cheat Sheet: Grading Obama's Cabinet" - (4/20/09).

From Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic on Twitter -- An important blogger and news editor, you will stay very much in the loop if you read his frequent entries. Great investigative journalist.

"Check out National Journal's report today on risk: the more risk Americans feel they take on, the more they support Obama" - (4/24/09).

I ask b/c Conyersjust announced new hearings. The WH _knew_ that the memo release would incentivize MORE investigations, not fewer" - (4/21/09).

"Is the OLC memo story out of control for the WH, per Chuck Todd? Or does the WH know exactly what they're doing..." - (4/21/09).

I just can't help myself. I like Twitter for staying in the newest news loop. And I like my the favorites I follow. Further introductions will follow in later posts.

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