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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Activism can help the President --

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The Barack Obama administration has an agenda with which we have all become familiar. Over and above the economic crisis and the wars in the Middle East, the President sees health care reform, energy independence and climate change intervention, and education reform as keys to the future. And he is getting some help from powerful advocates.

Energy -- RepoWEr America says that opponents of clean energy have been making misstatements that too often get repeated in the mainstream media. They also say that if Congress closes the carbon pollution loophole more jobs will be created.

Health Care -- Dr. Howard Dean, who did such a fantastic job as chair of the Democratic National Committee, is now at Democracy for America and gathering lots of grassroots support. He has taken on the challenge of getting health care reform passed, with a public option in place. Read more at the DFA Blog on health care.

Education -- The New York Times reports that Education Standards [are] Likely to See Toughening under the Obama administration. Areas like teacher quality and academic standards could be targeted with new rules. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently visited Chicago (where he once was superintendant of schools) to outline $100 billion in education stimulus funds. URL: Quinn, Arne Duncan Outline Education Stimulus Funds At Chicago School Visit (VIDEO)


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