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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Afghanistan Digest

"OSC: U.S. could leave Iraq early, Al-Maliki says. from Informed Comment (2/4/09). To quote:

"In exclusive statements to the Iraqi Media Center, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has revealed that the withdrawal of the US forces from the country might be sooner than the dates and schedules outlined in the agreement on the pullout of foreign forces from the country, noting that this is a big achievement for the Iraqis. . "

"Iraq militants 'in Afghan switch'" BBC News (2/4). To quote the sub-head: "Foreign militants are flowing into Afghanistan because of the success of the 'troop surge' in Iraq, the Afghan defense minister [Abdul Rahim Wardak] has said." See also, "Afghanistan's future" section, a complete primer on the country that includes, for example, features on life in Afghanistan, winter hardship, a Karzai interview, and a background piece on countering the 20-year against the Taliban.

"Suicide Bomber Kills 25 Policemen in Afghanistan; American UN Official Kidnapped in Quetta; Pakistani Taliban take over Swat," from Informed Comment (2/3/09). This is an excellent digest of a few the important news items in recent days from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Central/South Asia section's currently featured stories. "Siezed Pakistani policemen freed;" "UN chief urges end to Afghan deaths;" "Kyrgustan to close U.S. air base;" "Police die in Afghan suicide blast;" "Taliban warns U.S. over Afghan plan;" and "Afghanistan elections postponed;"

Financial Times: "Afghanistan seen as highest priority" (1/24); "Afghanistan is 'greatest challenge'" (1/27).

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