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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Law, Republicans and Scandal

[1/27/09] Despite a week of watching the shiny new Obama administration's blazing start, there are news left-overs that need disclosure, according to my regular contributors "betmo" and Jon. We are not yet able to say, "Goodbye to all that."

Republican Rant -- This is from The Raw Story (1/19/09): "Die-hard Republicans wait for Obama shine to fade" Jon says, "Rush is a hate filled and angry collection of cells!" From Think Progress (on 1/21/09) is this amazing headline: "On flight back to Texas, Gonzales cried, received a kiss from Bush. About this, Jon says, "Isn't that sweet. They will be crying when and if Obama has them charged with war crimes." This link comes from AfterDowningStreet. Betmo says, "And here he spoke Spanish and everything. Further comments:

bush prided himself on being from texas (spelled correctly for your benefit :) and his bizarre bumbling on immigration, the fence on the border and all of that nonsense and now the pardoning of the border patrol guys who shot an unarmed man in the back- well, i don't think even his sister-in-law can put in a good word for him at this point.

Get back to values -- Common Dreams published this interesting piece about betrayals by trusted CEOs, "The Worst Lies of All? The Ones You Expect*" on 1/25/09. To quote:

. . . it's a business lie. It's not the same as a life lie."I think we've become a country that believes that. We accept business lies. We almost expect them.

Bush accountability -- From The Raw Story (1/10/09) we learn that: "Rep. Conyers introduces a bill to probe Bush policies#." Think Progress reveals (1/22/09) , "Limbaugh: I Fear Obamas Repeal Of Bush-Era Secrecy Rules Make It Easier To Hold Bush To Account.#" Jon says, "That's what I'm talking about!" From Think Progress (1/7/09) is another piece on Bush's "worst" ratings: "The top 43 appointees who helped make Bush the worst president ever#."

Out in the cold --Buzz Flash reports: "Ex-HUD official pleads guilty to role in fundraising scheme*" (1/20/09). More from Buzz Flash: "Murders and Freezing deaths haunt homeless communities*" (1/25/09) To quote:

The death toll for homeless people from violence will be higher this year than ever before.

And finally, from the police blotter -- Common Dreams headlines that, "Newly Released NYPD Data Shows Shocking Disparity in Stop-and-Frisks*" (1/15/09). Also, from the San Diego Union Tribune comes this interesting piece: "Police to buy mobile observation tower*" (1/8/09) To quote:

The officer was sitting in a mobile observation tower, which is similar to a cherry-picker lift with an enclosed pod at the top. The platform gives police a 360-degree vantage point through heavily tinted windows and allows them to direct responding officers on the ground below.

While the latest tool in crime fighting is relatively low-tech, the pod is filled with a range of high-tech tools to help officers gather intelligence, monitor crowds and prevent crime.

Themes of Republican failures, scandals and ineptitude will not disappear just because we now have a Democratic administration. My regular contributors and I still have some things to say. We ask each other, "Have you seen this?!" "Would you believe?" and "Have you ever heard of anything like this?" etc. We still have some ranting to do, it seems.

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are "betmo*" and Jon#.

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