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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Tuesday

The day Tuesday happens to be big in the political world. Elections are often held on Tuesdays. And this year Inauguration (January 20) falls on a Tuesday. So what on earth can I say about the Inauguration before it happens? I want to be in front of my television instead of my computer. I must imagine it in advance. Here is my fantasy, my prediction --

The day will be cold and gray. The crowds will be huge, millions, in fact. And they will be well-behaved, for the most part. Except for those people desperate to use one of a limited number of Porta-Potties. It could get ugly. Not everyone will be able to use their cell phones or Blackberries at the same time, due to overloading of the system. But eventually everyone will get home and get back in touch.

The moods will be wide-ranging -- excited, joyful, moved to tears, confused, anxious and relieved. People, filled with optimism, will have a spirit of helpfulness, of generosity and of shared community. They must be prepared for a great deal of celebration and stress, all at the same time. And they will have to be rather physically fit. The walks will be long, the pavement hard, the grass bumpy and the seating nonexistent.

The people who come to see the Inauguration will be kids old enough to walk a long ways, adults and a few very fit Seniors. They will come in all colors and from many different nations in addition to the USA. They will get tired and hungry, but generally will remain of good cheer.

The people who are participants in the Inauguration will be well organized, patient, nervous or excited and overcome with emotion at times. There will be lots of Democrats, some Republicans who are required to be there because of their office, and some who want to be there because it is of historic importance. Most will wish President Obama and the First Lady well. Security will be omnipresent* and as tense as at any time in memory. Google will capture# the Inauguration from space. And the Media will cover it all.

The Inaugural speech will be magnificent and memorable to the millions watching. The Inaugural Poet will wax poetic. The Bible will be Lincoln's, and it will carefully be returned to where it belongs. All the Obamas will be beautiful and stylish. All the Supreme Court Justices will look distinguished. The bands will march smartly in straight lines. The parade will be on time, as will all other elements of the ceremony. And, the day following Martin Luther King's honor day, will make African-Americans and all Americans proud that history is being made in a profoundly important way.

The power to govern will quickly pass from Party to Party, Peacefully. The White House will get to work quickly, Tuesday afternoon, actually. People from other countries may wonder how we manage to do it this way for hundreds of years. And some may wish they were American. Others will go home and vow to work harder for better government, or peace or maybe revolution. And many others will go back to their own nations feeling that the earth is a bit smaller, and that we are all neighbors, able to be united in spirit despite differences.

The time has come to close. These are my predictions and assumptions. I will post again, post-Inauguration to let you know how I did. Have a great day. Enjoy, celebrate, reflect and hug those you love. Today is January 20, 2009. I thought it would never come. And now it here; I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

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View my current slide show about the Bush years -- "Millennium" -- at the bottom of this column. Today is the last day it will be there. I will remove it at noon, along with the countdown clock of when Bush is to leave office.

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betmo said...

van morrison 'a brand new day' comes to mind :) enjoy my friend.

we will have to get back to business soon enough :)

Carol Gee said...

Thanks, betmo, you, too.
We'll have to figure out how to be now, huh, my friend.

Paul Maurice Martin said...

I'm very glad he was elected and I voted for him, but imagine that there will be limits to what he can do given that government and big business have been in bed together for what... maybe it's their thirtieth anniversary? Since Reagan got the ball rolling on deregulation and "trickle down economics," which has been marketed to the American people under different buzz words ever since while the gap between rich and poor grows larger.

I think Obama may at least succeed in getting measures passed sufficient to keep the economy from going into a depression, because that would affect even the very wealthy so they'll be on board up to a point. But I'm quite certain that, say, health care as we know it and nothing but basically more hot air on global warming will continue despite his intentions.

Carol Gee said...

Paul, thanks for your comment. It was thoughtful and on point. I tend to ignore the reality of the so-called "corporatocracy" but it is one of the most important realities we must not forget. Whatever has happened to all of them/Wall Street they have not gone away. They are now in the midst of the biggest "Free Lunch" of their lives. Just go back and read David Cay Johnston's book of the same name. It is all there. BTW, you have given me an idea for a subsequent post. Thanks.
I am one of those who has high expectations of Obama, BTW.