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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Activism - behind the links

The blogosphere is a kind of community. My two regular contributors, "betmo" and Jon, and I form a littlle collaborative community where we pool our eyes and ears by sharing links to posts, stories, itema and articles that are of interest to the themes that this blog covers. Wednesday's theme is activism. Here are a few of the links we collected.

Activists and the "Grassroots for Obama." The Democratic Strategist, J.P. Green posits that there is hidden strength in Obama's political capital and that it is time for Democrats to tap celebrity power. Huffington Poster, Roderick Spencer wrote wonderfully about his trip to the Inauguration#, describing himself as "frozen, hungover and happy in DC." Meanwhile, LaVida Locavore released the hilarious "Private Citizen George Bush's Wednesday schedule*" for the day after the Inauguration. This Obama early action, freezing the former President Bush's pending regulations*, is another reason to celebrate, regular contributor "betmo" says. She added that she is,
"breathing again. Add that to the repeal of the global gag rule - and I'm done for the next four years. OK, not really but it made my heart glad."
Advocacy and standing up for what is needed -- ProPublica helps us dig through the stimulus package today with a collection of related documents, calling it a "shovel ready task." According to Time, a new 2008 law giving parity to mental health insurance claims, is a big victory for mental health advocates#. "Thank you for standing up#" was what Think Progress said to a number of people who "spoke truth to power" during the prior administration. Named were Richard Clarke, Paul Krugman, The Dixie Chicks, Joe and Valerie Wilson, James Risen, John Podesta, Al Gore and Cindy Sheehan. And isn't this an intrigueing entreaty: AlterNet says "Now Is the Time To Shake Up Society at the Roots*" (1/15/09). And ProPublica presents their Prizes for Investigative Governance, inviting you to help by nominating good reports,
We want to recognize the most important and thorough investigative work by government agencies that, much like our own mission, seek to serve the public interest by exposing exploitation of the weak by the strong and the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.
Recommended Blogs -- a couple from betmo, 1/10/09:

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