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Friday, December 19, 2008


Maintaining perspective -- One of the marks of the Obama Transition has been an ability to maintain perspective as events swirl around the President-elect and his team. One cohort after another rail at his picks, criticize his Chicago associations, worry that he is not Liberal enough, and bombard him with advice to take over and "do something" about (a)______, (b)_______, or (c)_______. And the tall thin guy manages to stay disentangled in it all, for the most part. Amazing!

Getting distance -- I have been away from home for over a week, and that changes one's perspective in significant ways. A climate change means surviving in new ways. A change in media markets means hearing the news from a regional perspective that is different. And a change in living circumstances means reinforces one's perspective on priorities. This western region is rich in energy and minerals, while Texas is really beginning to feel the economic effects of the financial meltdown. Leveling, is the word for it.

More than one dimension -- As I listen to a different "brand" of television, I realize once again, how unidimensional the mainstream media remains, and how I miss the objectivity of C-SPAN. Pundits have OPINIONS, as if I cared. Reporters confront, as if it mattered. News is biased left or right, and lacking in facts. And the blogosphere remains the only sane way to ascertain reality. And even then, we sometimes get a bit dingy. Weird.

Time and the calendar change how we see reality -- As we near the Holidays, most of us, rightly, are more personally focused; many are more stressed and more pressed. In which generation one resides also dictates perspective. Our experiences differ. And perspective, hopefully, changes over time. These days I see the generations that supported Barack Obama holding hands in a circle, old next to young. We are maintaining the perspective that "he will do just fine," as we follow his steady lead to time and place. Settle.

To everything there is a season.

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