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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congress: Cleaning up the mess will take some time

On Hiatus -- The members of the Senate and house have gone home now, planning to be back in December to see what the Big Three auto makers' plans are to successfully stay in business.

Treasury's bank rescues -- ProPublica's story on the $350 billion economic bailout is a thorough analysis of what has transpired to date. The story, along with a full running tally of the largesse, tells you more than you wanted to know about what Naomi Klein, writing at AlterNet, recently called "Bush's final pillaging" of the U.S. treasury.

Leadership changes-- Feinstein would have headed the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to McClatchy, though that is a moot point now that the Dems are back in love with Senator Lieberman. Representative Chris Van Hollen gets to repeat as DCCC chairman, gets leadership spot from Pelosi, according to Chris Cillizza in last week's Politico. To quote further:
Van Hollen will also serve as a "special assistant" to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) focusing on policy coordination between the House Democratic leadership and the incoming Obama administration, Cillizza reported.
What's next -- Newly elected senators and House members are preparing to begin the 111th session on Congress in early January. Freshmen must get oriented, offices must be assigned and living arrangements made. "New member comes packing a cot," is a great little story out of To quote:
Jason Chaffetz came with a cot wrapped in duct tape and a plan for washing his underwear.

Elected two weeks ago to represent Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, Chaffetz intends to serve how he lives and how he campaigned: frugally.

So rather than renting an apartment in Washington, he’ll join the ranks of members who sleep in their offices at night and shower each morning in the House gym. He will take his suits to the House dry cleaner and will bundle together his “socks and undies” to take home every weekend to be washed.
View my current slide show about the Bush years -- "Millennium" -- at the bottom of this column.

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