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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can Congress get along without my advice?

Congress works better when Members and Senators pay attention to the opinions of their constituents. After all, this is a representative form of government, and my Representatives and Senators do represent me. So why should they listen to me, a mere citizen?

They should listen more closely because they get into trouble when they forget from whence they came. Congressional leaders cannot trust them, and neither can legitimate special interests, let alone their constituents. They run the risk of helping to lower Congress' public opinion ratings. And, finally, they run the risk of becoming a target of press investigations.

Does all this sound a bit silly and wide-eyed? Of course it does, because all of the above would happen in an ideal world. And the legislative world is far from ideal. The reality is that this is not a good representative form of government, if redistricting makes incumbents too safe. My representatives will not listen to me, becuse I have not purchasesd access. Congressional leaders are no better than run of the mill legislators, and the press gave up investigating for the easier form of he-said/she-said stories.

But I am not giving up just yet, even though I am disagreeable and disgusted right now. I'll see you in a few days back in Texas. I'll be back to regular blog posting and maybe back to my old self. I certainly hope so, at any rate.


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