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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senators on Health Care

Health care is one of the major issues concerning the American people this election year. Far too many people do not have health insurance, such as two of my four adult children and their families. We their parents have it only through the good fortune of Medicare. Otherwise we would not be able to afford it. Because we are of that age we are members of AARP. This is what their December 2007 bulletin reported about what the two presidential candidates' positions on health care.

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona):

Workers should have the option to purchase a cheaper policy between jobs and a higher-cost one when they can afford it. If individuals want to buy their own health insurance, they should consider a tax credit or be able to to deduct some or all of the premiums on their tax returns. We should consider allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, have the freedom to purchase coverage that reflects their medical priorities, and be permitted to save more money in tax-exempt health savings accounts. . . . The answer is to enhance the ability of the free market to offer affordable health options. . . and to help those without insurance to access the health care system.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois):

My plan begins by covering every American. No one will be turned away because of a preexisting condition. . . Everyone will be able to buy into a new health insurance plan that's similar to the one that every federal employee [has]. If you cannot afford this insurance, you will receive a subsidy to pay for it. . . If you change jobs, your insurance will go with you. We will make generic drugs more available. . . and will tell the drug companies that their days of forcing affordable drugs out of the market are over. I have a universal health care plan that will. . . cut the cost of a typical family's premiums by up to $2,500 a year.

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This day in history - Constitutional Convention, June 24, 1787: Rufus King requested payment from Mass. to cover expenses in Congress.

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