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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Intel tell-all

Biometrics -- There is no part of me that the government does not want to document, inspect, surveille, spy on, control, or dominate. This from Alternet reports that "Bush wants your eyeballs" (6/16/08)*

George Bush just issued a directive to expand the acquisition of biometric information, and to ensure that agencies across the executive branch share it.

. . . All this according to National Security Presidential Directive Number 59, also known as Homeland Security Presidential Directive Number 24, which George W. Bush signed on June 5.

. . . The directive does not say how these other persons who "may pose a threat" are to be defined. And the directive is so broadly worded that it appears to cover anyone the government has biometric or other personal data on.

. . . Give the Bush Administration's demonstrated disdain for applicable law and international obligations, and given its record of violating people's privacy rights, this is not reassuring.

*from betmo

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