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Thursday, June 19, 2008

FISA - Reader to Weep By, alas

Read 'em and weep . . . Final FISA deal reached, vote in House may come on Friday, according to Reuters. There is a chance that the FISA bill will be voted on at the same time as the Supplemental Appropriations bill, which is even sneakier. What follows are the best posts to be found on the subject, along with a few more traditional references.

Blogasm -- Strange Bedfellows: Bloggers from the left and right team up with the ACLU to fight telecom immunity (6/19/08 - 12:37 AM)

ACLU -- Condemns FISA Deal, Declares Surveillance Bill Unconstitutional (6/19/2008)

Emptywheel -- The FISA bill (6/19/08 - 10:15 AM) FYI: Here are the first two comments after the post:

1) Bushie -- June 19th, 2008 at 10:21 am. I called the Obama campaign today and asked Obama to come out publicly against immunity. The person who I talked to said he’d had several calls on this and would pass it along. Call 866-675-2008 option 6 to speak to someone.
2) wavpeac -- June 19th, 2008 at 10:33 am. No answer and no way to leave a message on the above number. When you ask to transfer to an attendant by pressing zero you go back to the original message. IT’s a circle with no way to leave a message. My guess is that his machine is full?? I am going to the web at Just letting you know.

TPM Muckraker -- Lawmakers reach deal over government surveillance powers (6/19/08 - 11:37 AM)

Firedoglake -- FISA: Screwed, Blued and Tattooed (6/19/08 - 12:00 PM)

Glenn Greenwald @ -- George Bush's latest powers, courtesy of Democratic Congress (6/19/08 - 12:26 PM) Memeorandum listing for this and many related stories.

ProPublica -- Surveillance bill compromise likely to deliver immunity for telecoms (6/19/08 - 12:55 PM)

Carpetbagger Report -- 'Compromise' reached on surveillance powers, retroactive immunity gets green light (6/19/08 - 12:40 PM)

Obsidian Wings -- FISA "Compromise" (6/19/08 - 1:31 P.M)

Threat Level -- Dems agree to expand domestic spying, grant telecoms amnesty (6/19/08 - 3:09 PM)

Think Progress -- New wiretapping bill dubbed 'repugnant' and 'a capitulation." (6/19/08 - 3:39 PM)

For Reference Only:

  1. Wall Street Journal -- Lawmakers reach deal to expand surveillance (subscription required)
  2. Red State -- The Republican view - Ugh!
  3. Copy of the bill/Courtesy of Politico -- 114 pages, pdf.
  4. New York Times -- Deal Reached in Congress to Rewrite Rules on Wiretapping (6/20/08)
I have no words left for this at this point. I am stunned.

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betmo said...

back in 2001 when the yahoos in congress passed the patriot act, i said that once the genie was out of the bottle- it would never be put back in. turns out the spying started even before 9/11. dems don't want to give up the power given to then by the repubs- and the corporates- and this is what we get living under a corporate oligarchy.

Carol Gee said...

Howdy, my friend. The rout seems complete. I am not able to be my usual "Pollyanna Merry Sunshine Self" these days.
But you know what helps? These little exchanges. It makes each of us feel a little less crazy.
Thank you, thank you. . .

Anonymous said...

Depressing, depressing. Thanks for all the links of reaction.

Carol Gee said...

lapopessa, it really is cause for weeping. I can't really understand what happened, so I remain unable to post about it yet.
Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad we read each others' blogs.