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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reflections on the Standoff

The primary results in Pennsylvania appear to lengthen the amount of standoff time between Senators Obama and Clinton. Josh Marshall cleverly calls it "The Status Quo Ante." Barack Obama remains in the overall lead, while Hillary Clinton has another "big win" under her belt, thanks to gun owners and church-goers. Steve Benen wisely calls upon the super delegates to step up and make their decisions before it is too late for the party to recover from further bruising duels. To quote:

I reserve the right to change my mind, but as of this morning, I’m more interested in seeing the race end then who actually gets the nomination. I like both candidates, but I don’t like the idea of months of an ongoing process. And the only way to realistically end the race is for superdelegates to tip the scales.

. . . Whether they decide in August, June, or April, these insiders are going to deliver the nomination to one candidate or the other. What are they waiting for? They know they’ll have to make a decision, but they’re still undecided? Still?

One candidate is going to enter the convention with more delegates, more states, and almost certainly more popular votes. If superdelegates find that compelling, fine, back Obama. One candidate will enter the convention with more “big-state” victories and stronger support among the elderly and blue-collar workers. If they find that more compelling, fine, back Clinton. Just do something.

. . . Note to superdelegates: stop sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a miracle, hoping to avoid the burden of choice. Time to step up, in one direction or the other.

Obama has shifted his focus to Senator McCain at this point. There are several more things it would be helpful for him to do. Obama should also focus on a positive, tough and smart campaign. There is no good reason in the world that this fine candidate should not come out of the convention with the nomination and with the support of almost all Democrats. Everyone needs to remember the REAL DEAL -- The Republicans need to go down to defeat in November. The rest of it is mere details.

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