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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Am I the only one??

Or. . . did Mrs Clinton's remarks concerning Iowa and its people strike a "sour note" with anyone else?

-- By "Seven of Eight," guest blogger.

I can only guess she felt that, by challenging the process and judgment of Iowa voters, it would somehow erase the third place finish. At the very least, this was poor manners and reflects on her own judgment.

As I listened to Senator Clinton's comments about Iowa the day after, I thought of the hundreds of people that turned out for rallies, had coffees in their homes, made phone calls, knocked on doors and voted for her. All of these people were doing their very best to help her. "Spin doctors" can take her comments and try to make them into something else, but the people of Iowa were dismissed an know it.

Guess what . . . If Mrs. Clinton had finished in first place, Iowans would have been rewarded with flowery praise and congratulated on their hard work and good judgment.

It just dawned on me. Perhaps the Democratic voters there were simply the first group to see, and decide against, this candidate. In our system each citizen has one vote. Votes can be gained or lost one at a time by candidates.

Most of us would have a hard time understanding all that a president of our country must face each day, or even a presidential candidate, for that matter. The vast majority of us do, however, recognize poor manners.

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