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Friday, November 16, 2007

For what should we be thankful?

Next week's Thanksgiving holiday will find millions of families "saying the blessing" and sitting down to a special meal together. What is the reality behind the words of the blessing? The news is good. The news is bad. We have much for which to be thankful, or it's not looking so good. Which is it? And do I mean personally or nationally? In the case of today's post I mean national news (see headline references below). Personal news is far too individual for generalization.
Let's just lay it out. It has been difficult for me to write about politics recently because of the barrage of pundit opinion(1) regarding events in the news about which we Americans could be either optimistic or pessimistic. What does public opinion(2) hold right now? Are things going(3) well in Iraq or not? Is Congress succeeding or failing?(4) What about the upcoming election of a new president? The tenor of the news seems very mixed this week. It all makes me nervous as I read from my news aggregator "favorites" folder.
There seems to be too much riding on this election. Actually, it feels almost as if the future of the nation is on the line,(5) as Senator Clinton claimed last night during the Las Vegas debate.(6) There is a part of me that intellectually knows that is probably not true, but it feels true emotionally. Why does the situation seem so dire? There are two reasons.
Since 2000 -- The first reason is that the two terms of George W. Bush have been disastrous for the country. The lawlessness of the current Republican administration is very frightening. Guantanamo(7) is the perfect example. And then there is the aggressiveness -- very unsettling. And then there is the profligacy. You would think our current president (OCP) believes there is no tomorrow.
Since 2006 -- The second is that the 110th Congress has not done well this year, given Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate. OCP has mostly had his way since he was elected, first with his Republican majority and then with his veto pens. You would think that legislators care more about re-election than serving those who elect them, or upholding the Constitution(8).
For what should we be thankful? I will be joyful for family all together and for good food. I will be grateful for access to a variety of dependable news sources at my fingertips, the blogosphere, in particular. Despite it making us more unsettled, I will be thankful that more and more truths about the current administration ineptitude and misdeeds are being revealed by courageous people. I am delighted that we have such a good group of Democratic presidential candidates for whom to vote. I am cautiously optimistic that Congressional leaders may more frequently say "no" to the assaults of OCP on our constitution. I will be thankful when troops move out of Iraq -- and not into Iran. Though the amount is very scary, I am relieved to know more accurate war spending figures.
Personally, I will be thankful to be vertical, rather than horizontal. I am thankful I do not have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, and that I have Tylenol for my arthritic blogger's hands. And I will remain thankful to live with my dear "roommate, Seven-of-Eight" in this resilient United States of America.
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The Future Was Yesterday said...

"“He’s the most influential political operative of the last decade,” Meacham told Politico. “Bar none.” "
That tells us so much. Usually, that title falls on OCP.

"it feels almost as if the future of the nation is on the line"
Imo, the future of the nation was on the line back in 2000, when SCOTUS literally said there's not enough time to count the votes. Everything else has just been people and events taking turns pushing it down hill.

And now it's became a political football, and campaign fodder.

Carol Gee said...

Good points, Future. I get the feeling that OCP in his current administration's configuration is behaving a bit differently. Since the departure of Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Card, and Rove, he seems to be flailing around a lot more. That tells me that others were in charge much of the time. Any consistency of bad performance is probably due to the continued presence of Cheney.
You are absolutely right that it has been a precipitous decline since 2000 and Scalia.
Thanks for your comment.

betmo said...

i won't say that there isn't anything riding on this election- but folks here look to this election as a one shot cure to the infection in this country. this election is only the bare beginning of the healing process and if folks think differently- they will have a rude awakening. we are in a big, fat hairy mess for sure.

i wrote a piece about thanks- i am thankful i am who i am and have lived as much as i have before this nightmare began- because of the perspective it gives. i am thankful for family and good friends and for all of the positives and negatives life has to offer. because- if you don't feel- you don't live- and you need both to be balanced.

Carol Gee said...

betmo, I am one of those "magical thinkers" about which you speak. I agree that the mess isn't going away anytime soon. But, when I think of all the Democratic hopefuls, any one of them would be such an improvement that I get misty-eyed.
The words at the end of your welcome comment are very grounding fro me, betmo.
I hope you have a perfectly great week and holiday. Thanks, my friend.