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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking for treasures?

Are you looking for some great things on the Internet? Here are a few that I can highly recommend:

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Here's a video that is guaranteed to make you laugh."
LOL! You bet! She's always at the top of her game. I nearly cried when Mel's Diner went off the air...and took precious Flo with it...(: The fact I was "trailer trash" at the time, as we were called in Michigan, didn't hurt anything.:) Here in the deep south, I seem to run into quite a few real life "Flo's", and I always want to ask "were you in a show on TV called Mel's Diner?" but I'm afraid of getting my butt kicked!

Carol Gee said...

Future, it takes one to know one. We sold our travel trailer last year and I still miss it.
Glad I thought to save Joleen for us. Thanks for your comment.

TXsharon said...

I'm trailer trash. :)

I took every cent I had earned in the oil business (ew) and bought 40 acres in the LBJ National Grasslands, drilled a deep water well and a septic tank. I only had $10,000 left for a house and being a hater of debt I decided to buy an 1100 sq ft, used trailer house. I've lived in it for 11 1/2 years now. Think I got my money's worth? That's some recycling, eh?

Carol Gee said...

What a fascinating bio, txsharon. I love the idea of leaving a small carbon footprint, re-purposing, simplify, etc. Thanks for letting us get to know your story.