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Monday, September 03, 2007

What can I say (in 75-250 words)? #4 of Series

A day in the life of a blogger -They say that 250 words is the ideal blog post size. So let's see.
"Southwest-Space-Travel-Monday" are my subjects of the day. (32 words) To become informed enough to write on any of them, I scanned my "Bloglines" feeds folder for blogs called "My sites," (where I sometimes post diaries or comments) reading "The Reaction," "TPMCafe," "TexasKaos," and "DailyKos." (67) I felt pleased that my posted words had became dialogue. (77) But I would not necessarily write about such egocentric material. (87)
On to the next folder, my "News favorites list," that includes: "Firedoglake," "The Washington Note," "Informed Comment," "The Mahablog," "Politico," "Andrew Sullivan," and "Glenn Greenwald." (109) I began to feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the revelations of some of these topnotch bloggers. (128)
  • "Politico" fawned over Republicans. (132)
  • "The Washington Note" had great inside stuff and plugged the candidacy of Senator Dodd, one of my favorites. It is good to have one's biases reinforced. (157)
  • "Firedoglake" and "The Mahablog" both had several long and thoughtful posts that made me feel inferior as a female writer. (177)
  • Juan Cole's "Informed Comment" made me realize anew that the true situation in Iraq has been largely unreported. (195)
So what about "Southwest-Space-Travel-Monday"? (202) To this point I have not run across anything related to those subjects. (215) I decided I will need to visit or revisit the more specialized news sources in the "Political" folder, such as "Facing South," "Texas-Democrats at Yahoo! Groups," and "TexasKaos." (244) I will also want to scan "" and "NASA Breaking News" and "Accidental Hedonist" in the "Special Interests" folder for Space and travel items. (267)
Now I am out of words and have written nothing? What do I do? (281) Well, first count how many words are in a "Screen?" (291) There are around 160. (295) Or 162 x 2 = 324. Thus 250 words equal about 1 1/2 screens. (304) I can never do it, but I tried! (312) Oh, and one more thing, I had planned to make links for all the web sites I mentioned, but I ended up making only one. (337) It is there to help you get out of a bad mood after slogging this post. (353) Most of the rest you can find in my Blogroll to the right. (366)
Update: Worst of all they scooped me! Our current president and the whole bunch have flown the coop to Iraq! I give up!
My “creativity and dreaming” post today at Making Good Mondays is about "my Chinese sister."
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