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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caring about the work -- 4) multiple blogs, a matter of energy

"MAKING GOOD MONDAYS" is my other blog. The intro says,

"A CREATIVE BLOG - ON THOUGHTS, DREAMS, IMAGERY, POETRY & PROSE. Making good Mondays is like making coffee - The week is before us - like the coffee pot - waiting to brew. Making it good is a matter of choice, luck, creativity, patience and acceptance of the outcome."

Today I am cross-posting what I wrote for it recently because it is, in a way, about blogging. It will serve as the 4th in my series on blog writing. To quote:
If I have had a good Monday, met my goals or merely had some good luck, then what happens on Tuesday? What happens on Tuesday is a function of both luck and striving. What we get is the opportunity to turn bad luck into a mere "challenge."
How does one start over every day with fresh enthusiasm? Every new sunrise brings with it possibilities. I have the possibility of a good day, or a storm, or a recovery, or just to take the time to rest.
Will I be able to sustain those positive thoughts? What I tell myself is true will influence my behavior. I will act on my positive internal beliefs, if I am being true to myself.
Will my internal imagery match my external reality? I am old enough to be living an authentic life. Authenticity should not be a problem most of the time.
Can I still write? Will there be anything there? Creative blogging seems like a tall order at times, but it isn't at all. I started doing alternative blogging years ago, because my political/current affairs blog didn't seem like the place for that - and I am still creating it.
Will the prose have flow and have good rhythm? It might if I edit regularly and if I do not get "wedded to my words." Saying what I have to say is just a matter of doing it with honesty.
Would poetry be fresh; would it just "write itself," as sometines happens? It will if I have something about which I feel deeply. That is the joy and promise of the poetic form.
Can I have the courage to believe in my highest dreams? Resting on laurels, thinking of past successes, or just getting through the day - I almost always have a choice. I will find the courage when I act "as if . . ."

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betmo said...

that's why i have the corner. sometimes i need a place where i can just go and hang out. it is open to all but it tends to be kind of quiet. i have a few folks walking around in the garden with me- or in the case of the new look- by the shore. :) sometimes the poetry just comes and other times- it is merely a distraction for me to order my thoughts. i leave the essays to the other sites :)

Carol Gee said...

betmo, I appreciated learning about how you like to "hang out." I also identify with what you said about poetry's ability to order one's thoughts. Some of my best stuff is cathartic and calming, following something big happening in my life. Thanks.