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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Superstition, spirituality and just "being" in the day

The lucky day ? Yesterday - 7/7/07 - was supposed to be a very lucky day. Hundreds of extra weddings happened. I imagine that gamblers were extra busy trying thier luck. Superstitious people perhaps actually crowded their luck a bit because it was supposed to be the big day for good fortune. Somehow, I did none of these things, and I wonder whether I missed out on something good happening to me. But I do not really feel bad, because I am not very superstitious.
Merely being in the day - is what I do because I am a very spiritual person, though I do not go to formal worship on Sundays. In that way I do not (superstitiously) feel that I will be punished for that ommission, or that it takes away from my overall spirituality. Spirituality, for me, is much more a way of being, than an obligation.
The daily comfort of finding one's stride - Psychologically, I find it very unproductive and unsatisfying to allow myself unreasoning guilt for this spiritual style, this way of being in the world. My existential style is a very personal one, mine alone, and difficult to explain. But into my 70th decade, it is the one that has remained in place for over 20 years, so I am probably stuck with it.
Difficult days are made easier when we feel somehow connected to "kindred spirits." Over the years, and more in recent weeks, I have had the blessing of knowing of people's concern for my well-being. It is of deep spiritual comfort to hear that I am in someone's prayers, or that they wish for my well-being. So for me, the date on the calendar is not as important as staying in touch, being appreciative and saying thanks for those good wishes.

Daily implementation of dreams - My “creativity and dreaming” post today at Good Second Mondays is about putting the wisdom of our dreams into creative good use.

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