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Friday, July 20, 2007

I feel liberated -

I am so "over" him.

You could see it coming. Unable to have his face on the TV screen, unable to write a regular "Bush-Friday" post, and unable to read his statements in the paper - I have "had it" with the man. If I ever had gotten any letters from him, I would have torn them up. I have become bitter, bored and bereft of any hope he'll change.
And, since I am no longer so embattled against OCP (our current president), I do not want to devote any more blog words to him. I am letting go. In honor of this change of heart, I have renamed my former S/SW label "Bush admin-Fri." It is now called "Elect-Dems-admin-Fri."

OCP is out of my picture, and I am looking towards the future much more positively. Time, effort, thought and energy will be expended on other people. I will focus more on women in the news, more on Democrats, more on the upcoming election, and more on Republicans of note.

This post comes late in the day because of the computer clean-up required by my own "new way forward." It has been exhausting but I feel invigorated and ready to start over again with a new focus for Fridays.

I feel free!

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