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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Your handy-dandy G8 Digest

Saturdays at South by Southwest are planned to feature news from other countries. Today is the perfect opportunity to focus on the aftermath of the G8 Summit recently held at a seaside resort in Germany. To find out what really happened, it is always best to turn to press sources outside of the United States.

Germany, the host country, summarized with this: "Critics slam G8, outcomes non-binding," carried in Deutsche Welle (6/9/07), a German website.

The best in depth analysis of the outcomes of the G8 Summit can be found in London's Financial Times (6/9/07): The headline reads, "Tensions mark the close of G8 summit."

What our current president (OCP) was doing - The headline introduces "Bush's Europe Tour Diary," in the UK's BBC News. The section includes a "diary" for each of the several days (OCP) was in Europe.

An Israeli news source understandably featured this headline,"G8 to back further measures if Iran doesn't halt nuclear work" from Israel's Haaretz (6/8/07).

Russia, of course has its own unique take: "G8 Summit in Germany" is a compilation of current stories carried by Ria Novosti, the Russian Information Agency's website.

Finish with this chuckle from Canada, "Scenes from Heiligendamm; or, what it's like to discover plutonium... by accident!" at The Reaction, by Michael J.W. Stickings (6/8/07).

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betmo said...

ah- i think our preznit was busy throwing up and shaking hands with the pope. not at the same time :)

Carol Gee said...

betmo, it's always the pictures that get me, both mental and actual. Your image gave me a chuckle.
He needs to come home.
Thanks for your comment.