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Friday, June 15, 2007

Take it easy, Chris

By Seven-of-Eight -

I enjoy reading most blogs. They offer a wide variety of opinions, and sometimes force me to think about my own ideas, opinions and positions on matters. South by Southwest is required reading for me, as it is produced locally. And I tend to agree with Carol Gee, its creator.

Today Chris Matthews' name surfaced in a blog that I read, causing me to reflect on Matthews' style and approach. I like Mr. Matthews, but it is maddening to see his rants and screaming overshadow comments or answers by his guests. Why have intelligent, informative and knowledgeable guests on, ask a question, then start screaming before they can answer?

Yes, I read Mr. Matthews' book and he claims he can't help himself. To this my answer is, "You can if you want to."

Hold on! What am I thinking? The purpose of the Matthews show, (I call it that, rather than Hardball) is not to inform, but rather to produce ratings. To this I say that the show can be improved by Chris himself, which absolutely will not hurt. Ratings have a great chance to increase.

We already know what Chris thinks on most subjects. Why not give the guests a chance to give their views?


betmo said...

chris matthew's job is to get out whatever rhetoric he is supposed to spew that day. he could shut his trap more- but apparently, it doesn't matter too much as his show is still on. how are things in the southwest carol?

Carol Gee said...

betmo, 7 of 8 was pleased to have your comment, and so am I. Re: (how are things?), I'm sending you an e-mail.