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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spirits drained by crazing, grazing and hazing -

Sundays for many of us are for rest and contemplation. But be careful. One risks spirit fatigue by diving into news gathering too early. It happened to me today. I'll just have to get it off my shoulders by leaving it all with you.
Seen everything? Contemplate this. The latest new diet craze made today's news. This plan will be a must for all of us who are "so over South Beach." Where can I buy the book? Helene Labriet-Gross at (Agence France-Presse): (6/1/07) reports the story with, "New diet shrinks calories, carbon footprint." Quoting from it,
In their new "Global Warming Diet," American chef Laura Stec and climate change expert Eugene Cordero posit that it is not sufficient that a good meal be presentable and delectable -- it must also be environmentally friendly.

Heard everything? My daily news grazing is made possible by the popular news "aggregator," Bloglines. My "Political" folder includes 18 of the best liberal blogs I know of, including The Center for American Progress' Think Progress. On their menu today I found this very sad story: (6/2/07) "Another U.S. base moves to monthly memorials," from which I quote,
Soldiers at New York’s Fort Drum “who are killed in combat will be honored during monthly group memorials instead of individual services beginning in June.” The same policy was announced recently by the commanding general of Fort Lewis in Washington.
Messing up everything - Our current president (OCP) is the proverbial immature "frat boy," hazing his peers, litering the frat house, arbitrarily changing the fraternity's plans and just generally "messing up" every semester. Such offspring usually drain their parents, emotionally and financially. Noah Barkin, at Reuters, wrote a must-read piece today summarizing the upcoming summit being messed up by OCP: "Cracks on climate as G8 leaders meet in Germany." To quote,
Leaders from the world's major industrialized nations will try to paper over deep divisions on global warming and a range of foreign policy issues when they meet on the Baltic coast this week for a G8 summit.
. . . U.S. President George W. Bush announced his own climate strategy last week which rejects the approach to cutting greenhouse gases favored by Merkel and other Europeans.
These three stories have me exhausted already! Now you get to join me. What can I say?

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