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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By the seat of my pants

Something happens when one travels over 1000 miles in a couple of days. Upon my arrival home my body was still filled with a sense of motion. I had been co-piloting my fine driver by the seat of my pants - willing that a driver would not stray over the center line into our lane, hoping that someone would not try passing at a stupid place on the two lane road, and wishing the blessed rest stop would appear over the next hill.
And when we arrived at our driveway I was grateful to all the drivers who were courteous to us, those who flicked their lights in acknowledgement, and those who slowed to let us in the line when it was critical. I remain in awe at the compact between people of good will on the public roads. A bit of courtesy, a hint of unselfishness, a dollop of patience makes it easier to be a citizen traveller on the Interstate highway system or on a lesser known state highway somewhere off the beaten path. Thanks to all those other travellers, whether local or long distance, who allowed us to arrive safely home.
Blogging will start fresh tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I'll try to stop motion.

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