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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A few more activists to know

Activism is a prime motivator for many bloggers' writings. It even has a name - e-Activism, according to Bradford Willke, who wrote a paper on the subject of "electronic threat actors." I had no idea that that is one of the ways those of us who advocate peace are perceived.

We write to make a difference, we write to inspire others, we write to pass the word and we write to express our dismay about bad things that happen. We act on our thoughts; some of us actually do more than others. I admire those doers, and have often lauded their actions in my Wednesday "activism" posts. This subject usually garners more comments than any other, incidentally.

Here are a few more bloggers to whom I recently paid attention:
  • Cliff Schecter - does some very good research on Chuck Hagel's voting record. Cliff might change some minds here.
  • R. Neal and Sue Sturgis, at Facing South-Blogging for a Progressive South, team to write two very good posts about emerging nuclear waste threats in the Southeast. Well-documented pieces provide material for activists to use in opposition to well-heeled business and political interests.
  • "Meteor Blades" at Daily Kos posts regularly and writes very well. Today this blogger wrote "Marching Toward an Iraq War Moratorium (with poll)," elaborating on an action idea of fellow kossack, "ActivistGuy." A search on "activism" at DailyKos returned 14 posts in just the past two weeks. These posts alone generated a whopping total of 3596 comments.

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