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Friday, March 09, 2007

President George W. Bush, et al

This group rains on my parade every time I read or hear the news! (See Reuters links for current news illustrations) As I began my regular "Bush - Friday" labeled blog post, I came to the realization that I waste time and effort thinking and writing about a number of these people who should not merit my attention. How did a small group clear across the nation infiltrate my grey matter, disturbing its peace? Why such persistent thoughts in my mind? So what is the logical thing to do when one's peace of mind is unsettled?

Examine the facts and reach conclusions. Fact 1 - I am a blogger; reflecting on current events is one of the things I do. Fact 2 - Each new day reveals yet another scandal, another failure, another misstatement, another irony, another unnerving revelation about the current administration. Fact 3 - The level secrecy and of inepitude is unprecedented in my experience. Fact 4 - What the Bush administration does affects people all around the world, including me and those I care about. Fact 5 - Having my peace of mind disturbed will not make me crazy.
Fact 6 - OCP (our current president) - and some members of his administration - take up far too much space and attention in my blog. Multiple searches of my 582 S/SW blog posts were revealing:
  • a "Bush" search returned 314
  • "Cheney" appeared in 55 posts
  • "Rice" appeared in 53
  • "Rumsfeld" turned up in 47
  • "neocon" peppered 32 entries
  • "Negroponte" came into 10

My conclusion from the above facts is that I am not ready to leave blogworld. Writing is satisfying. It helps me make sense of the nonsensical. There is plenty of ready material; an abundance of nonsensical ineptitude and failure to perform comes out of this current administration. Then, as I analyze the implications of what we see happening, it becomes clear that something needs to be done. As simply interested citizens we can make a difference. Together we can make things better for ourselves and those about whom we care.

And the final unfortunate fact is that I will probably continue to obsess about this Bush Bunch, at least every Friday. And who knows, I might even throw in an occasional chuckle-item. Next week, for sure, I will try to find some good news about which to be pleased.

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Anonymous said...

Good points, but I try to think of it as serving up sanity in the midst of the insane nonsense served to us by the Bushites.

Carol Gee said...

Some days we just hold on by our fingernails, huh? Thanks for your comment.