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Monday, March 19, 2007

Earlier Primaries

A number of states are considering moving their political primaries to earlier dates.
California has already done so, according to ABC News. New Jersey will probably move its Presidential Primary up to February 5, according to "brooklynite" at Democratic Underground. Florida has run into problems in its Senate, says the Palm Beach Post.

The bigger picture - To elaborate, CNN lists all the states considering moving their primaries to February 5, 2008. To quote,

. . . the impact of California's calendar change may be blunted by the fact that nominating contests will also be held February 5 in seven other states -- and proposals are rattling around in 15 others to move contests to the very same Tuesday. The possible result? A quasi-national primary that could largely settle nomination battles before the first piece of Valentine's candy is even eaten.

In addition to California, other states with contests on February 5 include Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah, while New Mexico Democrats and West Virginia Republicans will also have contests on that date.

The list of states where proposals are afoot to join the mega-Tuesday pack includes some of the largest in the union: New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia. And although that might blunt the impact of California's move, the delegate-rich Golden State would still remain the day's largest prize.

Texas Democrats are not short on opinions about this. Matt Glazer wrote a very informative piece at Burnt Orange Report that gives "Five Good Reasons" to move the date. "Kuff's World" at the Houston Chronicle summarized progress on the issue as of March 10. John MCConnell says the party should make the choice very soon. Vik Verma wants a real choice. News8-Austin feels such a move would not benefit challengers. A Texas Kaos blogger, "refinish69" posted a straw poll that yielded interesting results. Texas Kaos blogger "annatopia" says the Texas Democratic party supports the move.

If I had a vote, it would be to move the date so that Texans can join other "Super-Dupers" on the same big February day. I feel we cannot afford to not do this. We do not want to be left behind in the process of influencing the outcome.

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