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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Does your bucket have a hole in it?

Think of yourself as a bucket, feeling better or worse based on how full or empty you are. If your bucket is full, you feel rich expansive, generous, accepting and creative. If your bucket is empty, you feel lonely, used-up, deprived, shriveled, selfish and judgemental. You have much more control of your own bucket level than you think.
Half-full or half-empty is yours to define, based whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. Feelings levels are then a mixture of positive and negative, somewhere between the extremes.

Buckets get empty for several reasons. Other people dip out of your bucket, with criticism, neediness, abuse, teasing and negativity. The spigot at the bottom is turned to "open," you are a poor self-nurturer. You have not refilled your bucket often enough by practicing "healthy selfishness."

Buckets get filled for other reasons. Rich experiences fill your bucket. For me, these include a "date" with my roommate of 50+ years, live music, a trip to an art exhibit or to a "dime-store," family get-togethers, lunch with a dear friend, etc. Compliments and accomplishments refill your bucket, along with positive self-talk. Rest and nutritious/comfort foods fill as well.

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