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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Using Your Imagination

The post today is written by my roommate, "The Navy Man":

Think of the United States as a proud, classic sailing ship that has served many many years.
Constructed of the finest materials available in its time, it is now fitted with new sails, ample provisions, and a new crew under the leadership of Captain Bush. Even as the ship leaves its harbor, Captain Bush is persuaded by his First Mate Cheney to toss overboard all charts and maps used by previous captains to safely steer the SS United States through troubled waters.

This would be only one of many "fatal flaws," decisions that have now resulted in the vessel wandering aimlessly, while Captain Bush continues to tell all on board, "we must continue our present course." Provisions are dangerously low and the crew and passengers are tired and anxious. There is a crack in the main mast, some sails are torn, and the proud old ship is taking on water at a rate that requires "all hands" to bail with dispatch.

Now on the horizon, black clouds are boiling, and the breeze has stiffened indicating a storm is imminent. Can this fine old ship survive? Probably, based on history, but many of its passengers and crew have not survived. And, before it can reach any safe port, others will perish. Is Captain Bush totally to blame? Absolutely not. Many others assisting command must assume their responsibility.

If the SS United States does limp into port, hopefully caring and sensible Democrats, Republicans and others responsible for selecting a new captain will do a better job. The ship, its crew and passengers need and deserve it.
My "creative post" today at Southwest Blogger is about the "puzzlement" of illusion and dreaming.

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