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Monday, March 13, 2006

South by Southwest vs. SXSW

Austin, TexasThis past week my Site Meter revealed a tremendous number of Texas visits to my blog, many from Austin. I thought, "Great, that's a liberal community that has discovered my progressive writing." Then my roommate reminded me that there is a big technology conference going on there right now. My enlarged ego returned to a more appropriate size as I realize that my welcome visitors were there by mistake.
And many more will visit by mistake this week because of my blog title and the title of todays' post. A "google" of the subject returned 98,701,485. I am amazed that more people did not visit by mistake! So, because I can't "lick" them, I am joining them (only in spirit, not physically. as I do not live there).

The SXSW Interactive is being held March 10-14, 2006 in Austin, Texas. From their website I quote,

Connecting Digital Creatives
An incubator of new, cutting-edge technologies, the SXSW Interactive Festival is ground zero for the world's most creative web developers, designers, bloggers, wireless innovators and new media entrepreneurs. Stay ahead of the curve by attending this annual gathering of the brightest minds in emerging technology.
From their press page I quote,
"SXSW Interactive is a distant, impossibly hip imbroglio where the pixelized creme de la cremeis pushing the avant-garde hard enough to dent it." - Bruce Sterling, author
Scheduled March 10-14 in Austin, Texas, the SXSW Interactive Festival consists of four days of panel programming, a Trade Show & Exhibition, plus a full schedule of exciting evening activities.
This is a unique event where top-notch developers, cutting-edge designers and
out-of-the-box thinkers share their inspirations about the future of the web. While we cover the how-to questions of new technology, SXSW Interactive pays particular attention to discussing the larger issues and long-term implications of tomorrow's newest innovations while tailoring each year's event to the latest in the field. This year SXSW Interactive highlights the world of Digital Convergence in technology.
More - The Austin American Statesman has good coverage of the event with a special online section., a Vancouver blogger is going and has all the stats. It, evidently, is a really big deal.
Austin the city has many great memories for me. It is in the Texas hill country, perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of Texas. We have very dear friends living in the area, so have visited often over the years. Professionally, the city is where my professional association has its headquarters. Sixth Street is a great place to hang out, because of the great TexMex food, shopping and progressive country music. It is the seat of state government and the home of one of the largest universities around. The University of Texas has a student population of 46,545. Perhaps my favorite thing about Austin is that it is still the home of many old hippies, unfortunately almost a dying breed. God love' em.

My "creative post" today at Southwest Blogger is about a very rare and valuable antique color photo.

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