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Thursday, March 30, 2006

For the Prez: good things are a-happenin' in the news!

There is some very good news coming in these days.
We can all breathe several big sighs of relief.
Hat tips to MyWay and Yahoo!News for the stories. Here are some recent examples:
  • The bipartisan immigration bill, coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, signaled that Congress is finally grappling with the thorny issues of border security and illegal immigration.
  • The positive Israeli election outcome, indicates that the Kadima party will continue to guide that country towards negotiations with Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas.
  • The release of journalist Jill Carroll was something that millions prayed for. It is a bit of good news from Iraq - usually awash in bad news.
  • The capture and deportation of Charles Taylor from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, indicates that the fromer Liberian tyrant may finally be brought to justice.
  • The Afghan convert spared death will probably get assylum in Italy. President Karzai bit the bullet and did the right thing here.
  • The FEC is declining to regulate Internet politics. Three Republicans and three Democrats made the ruling unanimous.
Still in the spirit of good news - Top Notch things for your enjoyment. Here is a list:
  • The top 15 skylines, with hat tip to bublebums at DKos. The photographs are breathtaking in size and in beauty.
  • The top 30 companies for women execs, with hat tip to This site routinely has really good stuff for and about women and their issues.
  • This interesting website entitled, Women's Political Blogosphere, with hat tip to fatcatpolitics, who archived this rather extended list of women writers of political blogs. I was surprised and pleased to find my blog, S/SW included.
  • The top personality test is the Meyers-Briggs. Here is a copy that you can fill out and score. It is free, with hat tip to
My "creative post" today at Southwest Blogger is about sharing information on the Internet.

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fc said...

Thanks for linking back to me. Sometimes when surfing the blog directories I go down thru the links and if I see Democratic Underground, KOS, mydd or any of my other regularly visited blogs, I copy your address and post it to my blogroll.

I have dementia-like problems and if I don't copy and paste the addies in my text editor, I will forget about them... A lot of times I leave a comment but evidently I neglected to do that when I found your blog.

Anyway, I like your work and will add your site to my front page the next time I update my template.

- fc (fatcat politics)