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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Our Current President-What now OCP?

This series about OCP (Our Current President) began because I was thinking about how long it is until 2008. The term "OCP" became my favorite for President Bush because it reminds me that he is currently in office, but that is only temporary. And, because it is unhealthy to "stew" about something I cannot change, I began to ask my self whether our chief executive was capable of change. My first two posts explored that question. This, the third and final post, explores the possibilities for change in OCP.
First let us look at what I perceive to be the situation. We seem to be in an interminable war. OCP has seen little reason to change since the events of 9/11, because these circumstances have been the reality until very recently:
  • Congress goes along. Because Republicans also controls the House and Senate, there has been little opposition to anything the president proposed.
  • Reelection. OCP saw his reelection as "political capital" that he pledged to "spend."
  • Jihadis remain active in their fight. Being in a state of war has justified the resolute/strong/stubborn stance of OCP. The so-called war on terrorism informs other decisions.
What must change to force OCP to behave differently? What now?

  • The 2006 election results could change party dominance in one or both houses of Congress and perhaps state governors.
  • Increases in congressional oversight or legislative action could force OCP to do things differently, if the courts did not nullify any laws passed, and if any vetos were overridden. There are already signs that this is happening.
  • Courts' legal decisions could force change if they went against the practices of OCP, or upheld new legislation. This has happened in a few recent cases, and could continue. It this trend continues those who considered going to court will not be overly discouraged.
  • If public opinion polls continue to be as negative as the current trends, congress could see this as a something to which they would have to listen, the media might see it as news or analysis for increased focus.
  • The situation in Iraq could be largely driven by public opinion. Reedeployment of troops away from Iraq will lessen the vigor of the insurgency.
My "creative" post today at Southwest Blogger is about dream imagery as a tool for dream analysis, includes a "mess with your head image."

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