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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

bad hardware - good outcome

hank you, Shawn, from India!
We live in a flat world, as Tom Friedman says. And I was able to persevere despite of that reality.
Sorry about the interruption. My notebook's AC adapter went out, the computer was inoperable, and I went into withdrawal. Just got the thing back up a few minutes ago, as I heave a sigh of relief. Spoken like a true addict, huh?
My saga, (my that was a strong word for a relatively short interruption in service) is probably a familiar one for every reader. All of you have computers that go "on the blink" at various times, so you know the feelings. They are frustration, anxiety, confusion, irritation, etc. Those negative emotions then change to relief, excitement, pride of accomplishment, and anticipation about what's next.
Kudos to Dell Support, and "Shawn, probably from Bangalore" who was decisive, thorough, patient, helpful, courteous, and very prompt. I had called for support yesterday morning, my new adapter was delivered to me just a few minutes ago (overnight!). I am pleased and amazed by what seems like a magical turn of events, because I think back to when I was a child living on a western farm. We ordered from the Montgomery Ward mail order catalogue and usually felt pleased that the package came in a couple of weeks.
The other reflection I have is about my own resourcefulness. These are the creative (or mundane) strategies I used, that many of you may take for granted because you are so much more computer-savvy than I am: I got out a new power strip from strorage to use as part of my electrical power trouble shooting, befor I called for service. While I was on hold for about a half an hour (it was Monday, you know), I clipped my nails and restacked my piles nearby. I used my portable phone to talk to the Dell service guy, since my land line phone jack was a bit far from where my notebook is set up. Shawn said I had a bad AC adapter, that he would send me a free one (overnight!) because my machine is still under warranty. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the local library to use their free computers to check e-mail and my blogs. This morning I balanced my checkbook, did some filing, and watched the Alito hearings on C-Span, rather that be online as is my normal morning routine. After my replacement part arrived (overnight!), I started my computer in "safe" mode, and that didn't work, I went to "system restore," my regular savior. Voila!
It is amazing what a computer addict will do to "get a fix," and calm herself in the interim.


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