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Monday, December 19, 2005

The war in Iraq and budget cuts

Daily Kos (12/13/05) linked to a rather amazing summary of the 1000 days of the Iraq war by the numbers including the war's cost,
"$204.4 billion: The cost to the U.S of the war so far."

Though all people of good will cannot help but be cautiously optimistic about last week's election in Iraq, the war in that country is exacting a very high price here in the USA. The cost in lives lost and dollars spent is enormous. It drives so much of what has happened since 9/11/01. There in the background is the shadow of the wrong war at the wrong time as Congress passes their budget.

As this is written, the U. S. house of Representatives just voted on the budget conference report. Congress' budget will have been passed because the Republicans have the majority of votes. And they get to do what you want, including opening oil drilling in Alaska's ANWR. The Republicans wanted health and education spending cuts.
A coalition of groups protested these cuts, even to the point of buying advertising, but to no avail. Working through the weekend and through Sunday night, tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts in service for the middle class and the poor, and an explosion of the deficit will begin once the bill is signed into law. The people of the United States are not being well served by their Republican legislative leaders.


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