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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Signed in to new blogs

My online entries have become more numerous. So I thought I would post the links to my other sites in "blogworld."
  1. Southwest Blogger : Creativity is my goal here. Every day I choose an image and "free write" about it. Whatever quickly comes into my mind is what I try to capture. I also experiment with font sizes, colors and styles. I am attempting to relate the words effectively to the image.
  2. Daily Kos Diary: This is my newest effort to regularly participate in the fun and work of this blogging community. It has been the most challenging because is very complicated. There are a lot of cultural norms and even rules followed, that I am learning by trial and error. This is an "edgy" site where people often shoot from the hip. As a result it has freed up my own willingness to be less "nice and polite" with a few of my comments.
  3. TPM Cafe Reader Blogs: This is the blog community in which I feel the most comfortable. I have participated since it was relativley small and have watched it grow and improve. The guest blogs have been awsome. Josh Marshall has been able to attract some real heavyweights.

Stop by sometime . . .


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