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Friday, December 23, 2005

Conflict inevitable-the headlines

7: 30 A.M. UNITED STATES (South by Southwest)
Christmas Near: War, conflict and competitiveness dominates news -
Confrontations have always made me rather uncomfortable. I grew up during World War II and the Korean War. I was the oldest of several siblings and it was often my job to try to keep peace among them. I wasn't very good at it. But now I am immersed it it daily as an avocation sitting in front of my computer. Conflict and competitiveness comprise much of the coin of that realm. In this season of "peace on earth, good will to men" there are a lot of fights going on in my cyberworld. These are a few of the headlines that caught my eye:

On the web -

  • DailyKos blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga in flap over article about him: he "feels compelled to set the record straight" and does so in an elaborate chapter-and-verse style.
  • This is the original Washington Monthly article with which Kos disagrees. Its headline reads, "For America's number one liberal blogger politics is like sports: It's all about winning"

In the newspapers -

  • The headline is "Newly Emboldened Congress Has Dogged Bush This Year." The Washington Post writers VandeHei and Babington discuss the conflict that emerged between our current president and the congress.
  • This US News and World Report headline reads, "White House Watch: Bush upbeat as year ends." Writer Kenneth Walsh reports that Republicans can still prevail in 2006.

This is almost the end of 2006. And I am no longer as discomfitted by conflict as I once was. Unfortunately I have become habituated to it since the current administration came into office. And this is a big loss for me. To become inured to war and numbed by confrontation is an indication of a kind of "citizenship PTSD." Is it the normal state of mind for many of us who yearn for peace, but are not actively aware that it is a possibility anytime soon?


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