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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Scientific Method meets The Arts

In my classes I was taught the scientific method (See Wikipedia's definition of this linked to the title of this post.)
Some say that there is an assault on science by the religious Right wing. There are regular news stories alluding to this, for sure.
The line between my faith and science, and the arts and science, is often blurred for me.

Saturn's moon, Titan, may be like our primordial earth. The heavens and space have deeply fascinated me since I was a small child learning to find the "big dipper" in a sparkling night sky. MSNBC reports:

Saturn’s planet-size moon Titan has dramatic weather, with turbulent high-altitude winds, periodic floods of liquid methane and possibly lightning, scientists said Wednesday in describing a world that may look like Earth before life developed.

There is a new exhibit about Charles Darwin in New York. As for me, I stand firmly on the side of the theory of evolution. I have no problem meshing the theory with my spiritual beliefs. To quote CBS:
Amidst a roiling national debate on whether intelligent design deserves a place in public school curriculums, a new exhibit in New York sheds light on the man behind the controversy: Charles Darwin. The new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History is being hailed as the most in-depth exhibition ever mounted on Darwin, the father of evolution theory. The exhibit features artifacts from his life, and elements of his studies on beetles and animals of the Galapagos
French surgeons have been the first to do a partial face transplant. This is still a highly controversial procedure in the healing arts, fraut with ethical and medical problems. But, as a therapist, I can see where it could be psychologically healing in cases of severe facial disfigurement. According to the new York Times:
Surgeons in France have for the first time performed a partial face transplant, a surgeon who led one of the two teams that performed the operation said yesterday. The recipient of the transplant was a 38-year-old woman who had been severely disfigured in an attack by a dog, said the surgeon, Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard of Lyon. The operation was carried out in Amiens on Sunday.

One of my special TV favorites, Dr. Carl Sagan, host of the Cosmos series, will return at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays to the Science Channel. Marking the 25th anniversary, the next show is about "The Persistence of Memory." There is no more artistically beautiful show than "Cosmos." Enjoy! Again . . .

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