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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 - Iraq: When Was The Die Cast?

We always knew . . .
In my daily reads I have come across three pieces of excellent writing on what really was and is going on in Iraq and Washington. One of the best, - Iraq: When Was The Die Cast? discusses the events and decisions leading up to the Iraq war. And Daily Kos reports in detail about the current rash of violent acts now taking place in Iraq. Joshua Michael Marshall in his blog, "Talking Points Memo," summarizes the confluence of several issues in the news these days.
It is clear . . .
to me, that we would not have gone to war over there until the Brits were on board. Now Mr. Blair is up for election. I predict he will be re-elected just like Dubya was, despite facts that point to an alternative that electorate could choose. The die seems cast, but we'll see.

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