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Friday, April 08, 2005

Fast Travels In the Air-Then the Line Moves Slowly

In April 2005 people and their messages move rapidly around our rapidly shrinking globe. Individual people or individual words travel fast to almost anywhere on earth. But while we are standing in line things seem to happen so much more slowly. My head spins at the apparent contrasts.
It stlll amazes me that my words will be accessible to anyone who finds this post online. And I can similarly, "visit" people who write wonderful thoughts and ideas about what is happening in their recent days, and even today. And how fast news travels in the blogs! Of course, whether it is news or gossip is to be determined by the reader.
And my May travel plans are rapidly made via the Expedia web site. I will get on a plane and be at my destination in about the same time it will take me to get through the check-in process at my local airport.
From around the world this week, Kings, Queens, Presidents and citizens flew in at jet speed (or very slowly walked) to Rome. They all made the pilgrimage to honor and and then bury Pope Paul II.
The trick for us is to keep our peace in place at either the fast or slow pace. We must focus on maintaining perspective in the presence of new and disturbing information, or a new locale. We long "to get our feet in the ground" physically or psychologically. And we thrill or despair to significant changes as they occur. But along the journey we can keep our peace if we look up occasionally at each new horizon, take a breath, and stand in place for just a moment.

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