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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Here's the thing (2) . . .

Some days ago I mused about worrying about our country. I tried to put the best face on the current events with which we are currently dealing. But I am having a hard time doing that right now.
The senseless slaughter of Dallas police officers makes me feel deeply sad and discouraged. Their friends and families must feel absolutely devastated. I can see that Dallas' leaders are having a really hard time, also.
The "ambush" as it has come to be known, defies understanding, because it came at the conclusion of a very peaceful demonstration in a city that had made huge strides in effective law enforcement.
Dallas now has another big opportunity to model how to be in community. All who live in Dallas and their neighboring towns must continue to talk honestly and openly to each other, and to us.
We are rich and poor; Black, White, Asian, Muslim and Hispanic; Dallas and Tarrant Counties, Texas and the USA . . . we are all in this together, folks. We must maintain honesty and listen intently. The alternative is a downward spiral of violence and hatred that could put our nation is some serious jeopardy.


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