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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving: recipes for compassion

Thanksgiving, aka "Turkey Day" to our (now adult) children, is tomorrow in the U.S. It is a big holiday for us, a day traditionally set aside for giving thanks for the year's blessings. It is also an opportunity to build compassion.
  • For the turkey it might mean a vegetarian menu. Ten million Butterball turkeys will be consumed on thanksgiving, however.

  • For homeless people it might mean a traditional turkey dinner, served by smiling volunteers. The National Law Center estimates that 3.5 million people will experience homelessness in any given year.

  • For families it might mean a peaceful atmosphere around the table. For our family it means a gathering of extended family of 20+ people in a small house. But from years of experience we know that it will be noisy and crowded , but peaceful. For that we feel blessed.

  • For families in distress it might mean just being together and safe. We never know how lucky we are until we ourselves, or someone we know gets into such distress.

  • For workers it might mean the next day off. For people in retail it is a long shot. So while your are fighting the shopping crowds, smile as your your clerk checks you out. You are escaping; the clerks have to be there with the crowds.

  • For travelers it might mean good weather or a hybrid vehicle or both. Be compassionate towards your fellow travelers, and we at home wish you a safe trip.

  • For energy companies it might mean people choosing to make that long drive -- "anyway," or students choosing to become engineers because that will be where the jobs are. For the rest of us, it means we can try to have a green Thanksgiving," showing compassion for our beleaguered environment.

  • For merchants it might mean a safe source of toys for tomorrow's "Black Friday" throngs. The transition away from the Chinese market will be wrenching for everyone.

  • For the families of soldiers in harm's way it might mean no uniformed officials at the front door. Please save a huge helping of compassion for our war fighters and their families this Thanksgiving.
What would it take for a good Thursday? Time's gives us clues in its "Snapshot of America" photo essay. Enjoy!

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