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Friday, June 24, 2005

Staying grounded while aiming high

This transitional time of year reminds me that the only thing constant is change. How we view the future at the crossroads of our lives can make differences in the outcomes.
Graduates get lots of advice as they get ready to transition to the next phases of their lives. They are blessed (or cursed) with commencement address every year around this time. Here's a doozie from Steve Jobs. In an intensely personal way from the podium, he shares his own story. Jobs has something important to say to all of us, whatever our circumstances. And it is a great read!
In a similar way Tony Blair's next few months will present him with big challenges. Though not in his own words, this article presents good insights into the opportunities Blair faces at his current leadership crossroads.
As I watch our country's leaders grapple with all the changes occurring right now, I would say to them that Jobs and Blair offer good role models for staying grounded while aiming high. There are ways that many US leaders could do better.

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